Helping Women

Speak their truth

Deronda Aiken

The Joy Ambassador

Open your mouth, raise your voice, clarify your message with WomanSpeak™!

Be fully who you are, as you stand up to speak, lead and change our world!


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Come experience the unique practices that empower women to claim their voices and speak their truth! Just imagine how your life could be if true and full self-expression was possible for you in every situation.



My Name is Deronda!

It’s a great honor to bring WomanSpeak™ practices to women around the world so I can help unleash the brilliance of women’s voices and bring positive change to our world.

To All The Women Of This World With Something To Say...

KC Baker, WomanSpeak™ Founder


Celebrate Women's Voices!


Women Speak Program Options

Do you sometimes feel frustrated with yourself for not saying the things you want to say?

Do you have negative experiences in the past that taught you that speaking up wasn’t safe?

Do you have a story or a message you want to share to help others but you struggle to know how to share it?

Discover how WomanSpeak™ can bring out your voice!

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